Artdeshine Australia

Welcome To Artdeshine Australia!

Artdeshine Australia

Horrah – Artdeshine Australia Arrives!

We are super excited to finally make our official migration over to the region in the hopes of better supporting both Australian and New Zealand enthusiasts and professionals in their procurement of our products!

We understand that previously purchasing Artdeshine’s products has been difficult due to the logistical barriers of having it delivered to Australia, as well as the financial turn off’s from purchasing locally from suppliers who are trying to recover high import fees.

With our own supply set up locally we’ll be able to offer you a much higher quality service throughout the entire process from purchasing, delivering, training and after sales support so that you can focus on the things that matter – beautifying cars and protecting them for years to come!

Initially we are ready to go with our flagship coatings being our Nano Graphene Coating (NGC) and our Ceramic Metal Oxide (CMO) coating which are available to purchase now through our online store, however will be improving and adding to our range as products arrive in Australia. We’ll be establishing our certification process and warranty process in the coming months and look forward to establishing some great relationships with the enthusiast and professional community throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

We want to keep things as easy as possible for our customers so if you have any questions or feedback to offer we’d love you to get in touch which can be done via our Contact Us page and if you’re interested in staying up to date with our advancements both chemically with our products, as well as our launch efforts locally, be sure to subscribe to our mailing list which can be done at the bottom right of the screen.

We wish everyone a safe time during this unprecedented time and hope you’re all staying on top of your car cleanliness in the downtime 🙂


Artdeshine Australia

Artdeshine Australia
Artdeshine Australia

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