SPS Graphene Australia

Artdeshine Australia vs. SPS Coatings – The Best Graphene Coatings?

Artdeshine Australia Nano Graphene Coating
SPS Graphene Australia

Artdeshine Australia & SPS Coatings

Two different companies both offering Nano Graphene Coatings (rGO – Reduced Graphene Oxide) within the automotive industry and often causing buyer confusion as to which one prevails as superior. The answer? Artdeshine Australia & SPS Coatings’ nano graphene coatings are the EXACT same product, designed, formulated and manufactured in Singapore under ownership of Artdeshine.

SPS Coatings or Surface Protective Solutions are an automotive detailing products company founded and based in the USA who have been given a white-labelling licence to rebrand Artdeshine products as their own for distribution within the USA. 

So for any of you wondering which one to get – I say get whichever graphene coating is cheapest and available through local distributors. You may very well find that despite being the same product, there can be a large price difference. This will wholly be dependent on distribution and logistical set up in your local area, but you can trust that both will offer you and your clients equal performance and durability as they come from the same factory with the same formulation.

For anyone interested in a little more reading on SPS Coatings, feel free to check them out here: https://surfaceprotectivesolutions.com/ otherwise you can enjoy this video showcasing the Artdeshine Australia Nano Graphene Coating (NGC) under the SPS labelling.

SPS Graphene Australia
SPS Graphene Australia

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